Free Speech & Free Commerce

By Jeffrey Wernick

The pace and scale of attacks on America’s founding principles are increasing. Orchestrated by the tyrants of Big Tech and Big Media, these efforts to deplatform and demonetize individuals have become frequent and direct. Today we restore faith in the marketplace by launching the Parallel Economy: a censor-resistant ecosystem of platforms that will steward free speech and free markets in the years ahead.

Slowly and surely, the range of acceptable discourse is shrinking. Deplatforming has become more frequent as more individuals are being silenced by would-be moral arbiters who claim to fight “misinformation” and “hate.”

Individuals concerned about what has been happening have two options: They can sit around and wait, leaving their livelihoods and ability to participate in the democratic process to the whims of authoritarian censors only accountable to themselves. Or they can go out and support new, independent platforms committed to free speech and free commerce.

Parallel Economy is choosing the second option.

The mainstream economy would restrict access to the public square and prevent individuals from exercising their freedom of speech guaranteed in the Constitution. In an increasingly digitized world, platforms use authoritarian enforcement of vague community standards to limit speech.

Instead, the Parallel Economy is driven by the American way: to compete. Rather than the groupthink in Big Tech and the Legacy Media that celebrates deplatforming customers — and even employees — for having the “wrong” opinion, we believe that an expanded marketplace of ideas with more speech and more competition.

Parallel Economy is founded by Dan Bongino, Jeffrey Wernick and Rumble and creates a censor-resistant ecosystem. An ecosystem free of suppression and repression. Where free exchange is facilitated. Whether of ideas or money. We want them to flow as seamlessly as possible. As frictionless as possible.

Rumble is already a leading video sharing website committed to free speech. It delivers all the functionality and content of YouTube, without the censorship.

More initiatives will be rolled out as the Parallel Economy moves towards an internet ecosystem based on free speech and data sovereignty.

Parallel Economy is facilitating the free exchange of money and ideas. It provides services but does not decide what ideas individuals are allowed to listen to or what they must believe “for your own good.”

The Parallel Economy ecosystem has three distinct attributes:

1. Preserving privacy. We have respect for the individual, and the individual’s right to privacy. No data strip mining.

2. No surveillance. The Fourth Amendment is just as important as the First.

3. Combatting tyranny. We are not authoritarians standing in judgment of others, deeming whether their ideas or commerce deserve access.

We are peers supporting each other in the most democratic fashion where everyone is treated equally. We do not consider it a crime to think for oneself.

We facilitate, not discriminate.

We embody our foundational principles of freedom and liberty, as well as our inalienable rights as endowed by nature and expressed in the Bill of Rights.

As James Madison wrote, “In a word, as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” The natural right to free speech is embodied in an individual’s property and ability to conduct commerce.

Americans don’t submit to tyrants. We build something new. No more passivity or waiting around to find out who’s next. We do what makes America great. We build. We create opportunity. We let people express themselves. Engage in commerce. We debate, we do not cancel. We want the best ideas to prevail by debate. Not by repression.

This is who we are. This is what we are building. We are doing this together.