Privacy Policy

All tech firms have a privacy statement. They are written by lawyers, and always too long and complicated for anyone to understand. In the end, all they are saying to you is “trust us.”

We are different, and willing to tell you exactly what we promise.

We do not sell your data, and never will. It is not part of our business model.

No other entity will have any access to it, in any form. Most places engage in trickery by saying they won’t sell “identifiable data,” while for us it’s very simple.

We use your data for you to be able to process payments. And to service you. We will retain the data necessary to provide you the best service and contact you when it is necessary to do so. And we will share with those third parties that are partners in our ecosystem but only for the purpose of servicing you and communicating with you as a necessary function for providing the best service experience we endeavor to provide. That’s it.

For other companies, processing payments is only one part of their business model. For us it’s the whole thing. We believe in an internet that is free, open and secure. That means adults making decisions about what is best for themselves. This requires honesty and clear communication that anyone can understand.

We are guided by the principle of data sovereignty, which means that it is your data, not ours. No lawyers were involved in writing this statement.

If you decide to withdraw from the Parallel Economy and request the deletion of the information and that data should neither be retained by us nor shared with any of our third-parties who are part of our ecosystem, we will respect all requests to delete all data as long as that does not interfere with our legal or regulatory obligations. Please contact [email protected] to request the deletion of your information.