Why the Parallel Economy?

Because tech tyrants have hijacked our economy through the digitization of our world. Money is digital and conveyed digitally. Our words are circulated in the digital domain via the internet.

Free speech does not exist in this domain. Nor the ability to engage in commerce. Platforms censor. They censor the flow of words. They censor communication. They censor commerce. They censor money. They deplatform. They demonetize.

We are building a censor-resistant ecosystem. It is about you. Not us. We build this for everyone. Money, words, thoughts, ideas; as long as they are legal, should flow seamlessly. Without friction.

We facilitate voluntary exchange between consenting adults and it is that exchange which promotes peace and prosperity.

Society advances and progress not through the abridgment of our inalienable rights but the celebration of them.

The American way is to compete. To build. That is what we are doing. Building and competing. Providing choice. Unlike tech tyrants, we are not empowering ourselves but building tools that empower people.

No authoritarianism here. It’s your property. Not ours. We respect your sovereignty. Nor will we expropriate your data nor intrude upon your privacy.

We are starting with payment processing. And keep building. We took on big tech and it was us who made Parler the most downloaded app in the world. Unfortunately we did not control Parler. We took on big tech and the success we had was unprecedented. We are back and we continue to take on all entities that want to abridge your freedoms.

It is time to deplatform them. To demonetize them.

Join us.

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