Welcome to the Censorship-Resistant Economy

Sign up for Edge today to own your wealth. No banks, no middlemen, no chokepoints. With Edge, you’re in control.


Edge is a zero-knowledge application. There’s no email address tied to your account, no phone number, and no tracking of financial information. With client side encryption, Edge has no insight into who is using their app. Privacy is the foundation of the product.


Cryptocurrency is difficult to manage and hard to understand. Edge makes it seamless to onboard into the crypto economy. Simply sign up with a username and password that Edge does not have access to and your private account is created.

Buy, Sell, and Trade

There’s no need to use centralized custodians. Natively buy, sell, and trade in Edge where users are always in complete control of their wealth and have the authority to build their portfolio.

White-Glove Service

Providing fast, friendly, and helpful support is Edge’s top priority. Real people you can talk to and a phone number you can dial.

Cancel Culture Will. Not. Win.

Tech tyrants and authoritarians want to dictate speech – and confiscate your wealth. Edge is here to help you fight back.

Free to download

Edge is a free application. When you buy, sell, and trade in Edge your costs are transparent. No hidden fees or unexpected rate changes.

Support for over 130 different crypto-assets

Robust support across a multitude of networks makes Edge the perfect solution for building your crypto portfolio.

Private and censorship resistant

Edge knows nothing about users’ account balances or transactions, and most of all, cannot censor users. Send and receive whenever, with whoever, and wherever you want.

Built for everyone

Password recovery and automatic 2FA protect users from their most common security mistakes. Even if you’re not a tech expert, Edge makes security automatic by hiding technical complexity under the hood.

Live support

Fast, friendly, and helpful support is Edge’s top priority. On the phone, via email or live chat, whatever works for you.

All-in-One Solution

Send, receive, buy, sell, and trade crypto all inside of Edge. With full privacy, users can make their crypto transactions with zero reliance on centralized custodians and full peace of mind.


No personal info required
(no email or phone number)
Keys encrypted on user’s device
Auto backed up
Device to device synchronization
Auto two factor authentication
(IP Validation)
One touch 2FA (full NIST compliant)
Biometric re-login
Password recovery


Why the name Edge and what is the significance?

The reason for the name is the method of security that we believe in – Edge security, which means security at the “edges” of the network. We the people are at the furthest edges of the network, away from the servers of centralized establishments. We are securing data that’s in people’s hands and in their control.

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Alternatively, use our live chat located on the lower right of this page or shoot us an email at [email protected].

For more details on Edge’s architecture, see our whitepaper here.